Saturday, November 02, 2013

Some Old Stuff

Here was something I wrote as part of a Second Civil War Scenario:

Interview with MAJ Ken Biggles, History and Moral Philosophy instructor at the Continental Army Infantry School, Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Aired on the Free America Network, September 2, 2005.

KB: Shouldn't you be talking to Rolve Hemmerding about this?

FAN: We tried, he's off at the front.

KB: Hmmm ... he's usually muttering something about needing to do some more field work ... actually, I think he's probably safer out there.

FAN: Oh?

KB: He has a problem with practitioners of the Kantian theory of driving. He just lost a third car to someone running a red light, all on the same street too.

FAN: Ouch! Getting back to the subject, can you comment on the U.N.'s proposed peace plan.

KB: Sure can, It's a classic example of what George Orwell would call "political language."

FAN: Which is?

KB: Quote, "Political language ... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind," close quote.

What the U.N. calls a "peace plan" is in fact a demand for surrender.

FAN: How could they demand surrender? Aren't we supposed to be winning?

KB: We are making gains against the PDA. Of course I can't go into any detail on that ... do you listen to the BBC World Service?

FAN: The Voice of the New World Order? Yes. According to the BBC, the situation as of today is that we have Alaska, and apart from about two thirds of California and the city of St. Louis we control every thing west of the Mississippi. We control all of Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of Michigan apart from Lansing, which is under siege, and Detroit, which is only surrounded. Except for Chicago, Gary, Indianapolis and East St. Louis, which are under siege, we control all of Illinois and Indiana. And we have all of Ohio west of Interstate 71. We also have New Orleans under siege. The BBC is claiming that there are offensive operations in Eastern Ohio and Southern Mississippi and Alabama. They are also claiming that there is significant resistance activity in the rest of the country.

In short, we're winning. Now given that we are winning, isn't it odd that their so-called peace plan calls for giving everything we have gained to the "People's Democracy" who are losing?

KB: No, its insane. But remember, we are dealing with altruists.

WE are the Constitutional government of the United States, we DO NOT share power with a gang of slavers and murderers.