Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Up To 1350

Mr. Welch is up to 1350 things that he cannot do in a role playing game.

1329. The M203 is not for long range bocce ball.

1332. Even if silence is required for the entire adventure, we are not naming the Black Ops Operation: Mimecrime.

1333. I will tell the noob the game is about post nuclear Europe and not love struck vampires before we start.

1335. I can not filibuster in the middle of my dying speech to buy the cleric more time.

1336. Even if we are told to pick a manly name for the game, Genocidicles is a bit much.

1339. If unsure of what side of the road we drive on, the middle of the road is not a healthy compromise.

1341. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot become famous for not being famous.

1342. There is no god of Wombats, no matter how much I pray.

1344. No matter how cool it would be, we can’t use the time machine to loan Ike a few A-10 squadrons for D-Day.

1349. I will not program the medical droid for “aggressive dentistry.”


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