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Step Forward - Part 4

The aircraft was a Gulfstream business jet in civil colors with a British civil registration, it was flown by a Federation Air Forces flight crew.

The flight attendant gave Al bottle of Coke Zero and something to read. It was the report on the interrogation on the prisoner.

The Gulfstream landed at Lawson Army Airfield, near the Main Post area of Fort Benning. The aircraft was met by a group of men in civilian clothes. Even though the men were dressed as civilians it was obvious to any experienced and intelligent observer that all of them were veteran soldiers.

Al stepped off of the plane and walked over to the group. No one the group saluted him as he walked up. There was a standing rule in the Special Unit prohibiting that.

Uri, the leader of the group spoke.

“We are ready, sir.”

“Fine,” said Al, “let’s do it.”

Apart from a white Ford Econoline van the motorcade consisted of standard issue Ford sedans. Al was led to the second car in the line, where he sat on right side of the back seat.

The motorcade began the drive north out of the Main Post area.

During the flight down to Fort Benning, Al had only read the interrogation report. Now on the final ride did he begin to think about what he would say to the captive.

Mom was worried about you. My Mom, but she was still worried.

You know, I thought it was really bad when Sergeant Steve Barry, I’m sure that you remember him, had renounced Objectivism and completely destroyed the credibility of The Resister and the Special Forces Underground, and that we had no choice but to go on without him. But that wasn’t far enough, you just had to go further.

You didn’t just renounce reason and reality, you had to go all the way and completely dehumanize yourself.

You were there at West Point when Ayn Rand gave the commencement address. I followed you into The Objectivist Movement and The United States Army.

I had looked up to you.

I had looked up to you!

There was no excuse. There was absolutely no possibility of an excuse for what you did.

If you had just only returned to the worship of Jesus Christ, that would merely be a cause for disappointment, from my point of view, but you had to convert to the worst religion ever invented by a predatory con-artist.

You had to just degrade yourself in the most utterly disgusting way to the most utterly fake deity ever conceived by the mind of a mere mortal. And you had to degrade yourself to a figment of a pedophile criminal’s imagination.

Perhaps I may be incorrect, but I do recall that a German Marxist intellectual once wrote that each of us perceives of a divine being as a reflection of our own values. To a productive person who wanted to worship a god it would feel right to follow a working guy like Jesus Christ. But a serial predator like the Big Mo had to invent and promote a deity that was a power tripping and destructive monster like himself.

Actually, the Big Mo didn’t invent a deity, he just stole and recycled an old old Arab pagan deity for his own use.

The motorcade had reached the Buena Vista Road and had taken a right turn.

Seriously, God is supposed to be, by definition, an omnipotent being. If he wants something to happen, it happens. If he doesn’t want something to happen, it simply will not happen. And an omnipotent being simply can have no needs that go unfulfilled.

God did not need to create us to in order to serve Him.

We were not created by God as fully human, we had to evolve to become rational and intelligent beings through a natural process. In short, WE had to do it THE HARD WAY!

So why does an alleged deity need to create a bunch of mere mortals like us to worship Him and to serve Him?”

And let’s for a take moment to a look at what the religions of our world are offering to us. Most of the religions of the world are calling to us to morally and spiritually grow up and to become members of the divine community. Basically to move in and eternally live with God, or with their gods if they’re a bunch of Pagans. But in Islam, those who submit to the obviously false god Allah, and obey the obviously false prophet Big Mo, and who in their supposedly holy names go out and conquer and abuse the unbelievers, will get to eternally rape a bunch of eternal victims as if they were a bunch of eternal animals in Allah’s eternal whorehouse.

And speaking on the subject of murder, you were a Special Forces sniping instructor. Was it too much trouble to just train the moron you sent out to murder me to just simply shoot me and not harm anyone else? Why harm any innocent bystanders?

Oh, that’s right, as far as Allah and the Big Mo was concerned there are no innocent bystanders. There is only the property of Allah, or there are those who refuse to be the property of Allah, who, as far as the Livestock of Allah should be concerned, are just vermin fit only for extermination. And if the Livestock of Allah want to go out and rape, rob, and murder some infidels? Well Allah and The Big Mo says, go ahead.

And have fun doing it.

The Motorcade passed the northern end of the Malone Complex, a series of infantry weapons ranges. They now entered a disused section of the Fort Benning Military Reservation. The section of road they were entering looked like it had not been maintained in forty years.

The rearmost vehicle in the motorcade stopped and turned to block any further traffic from using the road.

So why are we taking care of this instead of letting the courts deal with you?

Why not? Why shouldn’t we?

The doctrine of Islam claims that the entire body of laws made by men, thousands of years of effort by mankind to create a just society, thousands of years of effort by of good men, who wrote legal charters and laws, including our original Constitution and our Bill Of Rights, are simply nullified by the mouth droppings of the Big Mo.

On what grounds can those who deny The Rights of Man can claim protection the under those very same rights?

The answer is none whatsoever.

So what we are doing to you is basically covered under the Saigon Rules.

Perhaps, thought Allen, it would be best to just not say anything at all.

When he enlisted in The Army and was stationed at Fort Benning, Allen had seen a full terrain map of the post. Out of curiosity, he drove around to look at things.

On the map he had noticed a dirt airstrip. When he went to look at it he found that it had been converted to a training area, with old tanks and other armored vehicles, some dating from the Second World War, parked on the strip.

Now in the time since Al was discharged from the Army the forest had grown back onto the strip and the old vehicles had completely rusted over. The training area appeared to be completely abandoned.

The motorcade pulled into the remnant of a driveway and onto the abandoned airstrip.

Roughly half the men in the group brought out their M24A1 bullpup configuration and optically sighted assault rifles from their cars and took up positions around the spot where they parked. The other half of the group brought out some shovels from the cars.

“Right,” said Allen, “let’s finish it.”

A man-sized hole was dug. The sod and the dirt from beneath it were placed in two separate piles.

When the hole was completed the men who were in the van brought out their prisoner.

Gabriel Keller was brought to the edge of the hole.

Gabriel had adopted a Muslim name when he converted to Islam and became a mullah. Allen and just could not be bothered to remember it.

And then he did, Gabriel had adopted the Muslim form of his given name.

How convenient, Allen thought.

Gabriel had been bound and gagged with duct tape. His head and facial hair were almost as white as his stepmother’s. If his eyes were showing any emotion at all, it was a state of rage at being found, being arrested, and being in the custody of his Atheist stepbrother and the group of Jews under his command.

He was dressed in the ragged remains of the clothes he was arrested in and showed signs of having been physically interrogated. He gave off the scent of urine and feces.

Allen looked down at Gabriel.

At this point he didn’t really have anything to say. He just brought out the pistol from the holster, grabbed the slide and pulled it back to chamber the round.

And then he thought of something. It just popped into his head. It was Biblical, but at this point he didn’t care.

Allen quoted from the English Translation of the Catholic Edition of The Bible, from the Book of Matthew, Chapter 10, Verse 21.

“The brother also shall deliver up the brother to death...”

Allen aimed his pistol at Gabriel’s forehead and pulled the trigger.

The report of the weapon was deafening.

Gabriel’s brains sprayed out of the back of his head.

Gabriel fell backwards to the ground.

Allen holstered his weapon and spoke.

“Gentlemen, you may finish the job.”

As the group began the task of burial, Al saw where the bullet casing had fallen. He picked it up, looked at it, and then tossed it in the hole.

Allen heard one of the men say a prayer for the immortal soul of his deceased stepbrother. He did not even think of berating or interrupting him.


The ship that was taking the first group of colonists to Mars had completed the burn that placed her into the transfer orbit. The captain said that it was now possible to unbuckle and take a look out the porthole.

Allen had waited for everyone to look out before he floated over in free fall with Anson and Sonya.

Out of the porthole they could see both the Earth and the Moon. From their position in space both worlds appeared in be in a half phase. Equally dark and illuminated by the Sun.

Anson had a question.

“Will we ever go back?”

Allen was surprised by the question. He quickly responded.

“Why would we have to?”

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