Friday, October 06, 2006

The Generic Sol Subsector

As part of my project to create what I call the Private Universe
Mk2, I began to play with the possibility of going to a three
dimensional game universe. To this end I downloaded and played
with the ChView program.

Working on the premise of a maximum jump-2 equivalent range of
7.8 light years, I noticed that there was a set of routes that
could form a circuit starting and ending at Terra. I thought that
this was really neat from both the aesthetic and economic points
of view.

I decided in the end to use the standard two dimensional map. In
order to incorporate the circuit into that map I had to break
from the Imperium/OTU layout and move a few stars around. I also
decided to move Sol/Terra to a more central location on the map.

Presented below are my baseline stats for the present day, mostly
taken from Aliens Book 6 with some star names from Chris Thrash’s
list of near stars, of the generic Sol Subsector.

One of the other changes is that I moved 61 Cygni (Nusku) one
parsec coreward because it didn’t fall within 7.8 Ly of Ross 154.
This also made for easier access to the Vega main. It being a
binary system, I played around with the idea of having the Nusku
equivalent world at 61 Cygni A colonized by a group of hardcore
Spanish speaking Catholics who would name it Veracruz. And having
the tainted atmosphere world at 61 Cygni B colonized by a bunch
of very tolerant capitalists who would name their’s Ed’s Bypass.

The referee should also consider the possibility that some
tainted atmospheres in the OTU UWP’s may be the result of
industrial pollution on high population worlds.

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