Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ship Names

I was going through some files and found a list of
warship names that I was going to use for a Tech Level-12
pocket empire:

Imperial Navy (Freya)

Resolution Class Missile Frigate (24 units)

Resolution, Resister, Revenge, Res-Publica, Realist,
Red-Giant, Retribution, Retaliation,
Revolution, Renegade, Red-Dwarf, Reaction, Rectifier,
Rent-Asunder, Red-Shift, Restorer,
Redeemer, Renderer, Remnant, Remainder. Renown,
Repulse, Restitution. Renaissance.

Nemesis Class Cruiser (8 units)

Nemesis, Corisande, Scourge, Lamia, Black-Star,
Victrix, Grendelsbane, Sungoddess

Freya Class Fleet Carrier (4 units)

Freya, Eos, Magenta, Columbia.

Ranger Class Light Carrier (6 units)

Ranger, Bonhomme Richard, Guerriere, Essex,
Enterprise, Hornet.

Aristotle Class Battleship (2 units)

Aristotle, Ayn Rand.

Audacity Class Destroyer (40 units)

Audacity, Adamant, Animosity, Enmity, Antagonist,
Adversary, Assailant, Contender, Aversion,
Antipathy, Aversion, Anger, Annoyance, Agitate,
Aggravate, Arrogance, Insolence, Flippant,
Sassy, Audacious, Brazen, Hussy, Annoyance, Tart.
Aspire, Ambition, Objective, Rancor, Venom,
Indignant, Bitter, Irate, Furious, Incensed,
Indignant, Inflamed, Aroused, Impassioned, Incited,

I haven't named any SDB's yet.

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