Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another Ship

People's Navy Ship Ward Churchill

Ship: Ward Churchill
Class: Procyon Conveyor
Type: Escort Carrier
Architect: Eurospace Industries
Tech Level: 10

CVE-A711122-050000-40000-2 MCr 326.934 1 KTons
Bat Bear 4 1 Crew: 71
Bat 4 1 TL: 10

Cargo: 20 Fuel: 344 EP: 10 Agility: 0
Craft: 60 x 6T Fighter, 1 x 50T Modular Cutter, 1 x 30T Fuel
Fuel Treatment: On Board Fuel Purification
Architects Fee: MCr 2.949 Cost in Quantity: MCr 267.947

Detailed Description

HULL: 1,000 tons standard, Dispersed Structure Configuration
CREW: Pilot, Navigator, 2 Engineers, Medic, 5 Gunners, 61 Flight
ENGINEERING: Jump-1, 1G Manuever, Power plant-1, 10 EP, Agility 0
AVIONICS: Bridge, Model/2 Computer
ARMAMENT: 2 Triple Beam Laser Turrets organised into 1 Battery
DEFENCES: 8 Triple Sandcaster Turrets organised into 4 Batteries
CRAFT: 60 x 6 ton Fighters (Crew of 1, Cost not accounted for in
this design), 1 x 50 ton Modular Cutter (Crew of 1, MCr 30), 1 x
30 ton Fuel Module (MCr 2.000)
FUEL: 292 Tons Fuel (2 parsecs jump and 56 days endurance, plus
62 tons of additional fuel) No Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel
Purification Plant
MISCELLANEOUS: 36 Staterooms, 20 Tons Cargo
COST: MCr 297.883 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 2.949),
MCr 235.947 in Quantity
CONSTRUCTION TIME: 120 Weeks Singly, 96 Weeks in Quantity

COMMENTS: The PNS Ward Churchill was originally constructed by Eurospace Industries as a Procyon Conveyor class bulk cargo carrier, the Cygnus Conveyor.

In the chaos following the Yellowstone Extinction Event on Earth the Cygnus Conveyor was taken over by the authorities on Aurore and converted to an interim fighter carrier, the Aurore. After the completion of Auroran navy's first purpose built fleet carrier, the Emperor Napoleon I, the Aurore was declared surplus and put up for sale. "Somehow" the Aurore ended up in the hands of the People's Democratic State of Konkin under the new designation of PNS Ward Churchill. Named after a famous socialist academic who was executed in the early days of the Omaha Pact.

The PNS Ward Churchill was used in the invasion of the Objectivist colony world of Eos. It was destroyed off of Eos by a Freyani Stormbringer class missile boat, the Vassar's Bane.

Ship: F-9
Class: F-9
Type: Fighter
Architect: European Aerospace Defence Systems
Tech Level: 9

F-0106611-000000-00002-0 MCr 15.745 6 Tons
Bat Bear 1 Crew: 1
Bat 1 TL: 9

Fuel: 0.360 EP: 0.360 Agility: 6
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops
Architects Fee: MCr 0.157 Cost in Quantity: MCr 12.596

Detailed Description

HULL: 6 tons standard, 84 cubic meters, Needle/Wedge
CREW: Pilot
ENGINEERING: Jump-0, 6G Manuever, Power plant-6, 0.360 EP,
Agility 6
AVIONICS: No Bridge Installed, Model/2 Computer
ARMAMENT: 1 Triple Missile Turret organised into 1 Battery
FUEL: 0.360 Tons Fuel (28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, No Fuel Purification Plant
MISCELLANEOUS: 1 Acceleration Couch, 0.040 Ton Cargo
COST: MCr 15.902 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 0.157), MCr
12.596 in Quantity
CONSTRUCTION TIME: 2 Weeks Singly, 2 Weeks in Quantity

COMMENTS: A basic fighter that was designed for construction and maintenance in colonial facilities.


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