Friday, January 23, 2009

Alternate History

The Inaugural Address of President John Andrew March, given on the Twentieth day of January in the year of Our Lord 2009 in the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Citizens and Soldiers of the United States, Honored Guests,

We as a nation face a crisis that is unprecedented, but was not entirely unpredictable.

It is with great sadness we find that the majority caucus in the House of Representatives of the United States has consciously rejected the will of the actual, living and breathing, citizens of our Republic, and has maliciously defied the ruling of the Supreme Court. Instead of acknowledging the will of the actual electorate through the Electoral College, the House of Representatives violated the supreme law to which it is subject and has elevated to the highest office an individual who is clearly unfit to hold any public office in any civilized nation.

Senator Laurence Null of Illinois, who wrongfully claims the Office of the President of the United States, is a long standing adherent of an ideology which openly denies the Value and Right of Human Life. An ideology which has repeatedly proven to have brought about the deaths of not less than a hundred million human beings throughout the last century. A fact that the ladies and gentlemen of the press, in willful dereliction of the duties assigned to them by the Founders of our Republic, have refused to report.

Instead of the Chief Executive lawfully elected by the actual living citizens of the American Republic, the apparatus of the United States federal government is now headed by an individual who is for all practical purposes a primitive stone-age god king. An individual who is now worshiped by a personality cult we not seen since the darkest days of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

In fact there is no federal government of the United States. There is now only an apparatus of violence which enforces the whims of what is for all practical purposes a barbarian chieftain.

The actual living and breathing citizens of the American Republic will now be denied their God-given right of Liberty and their Sovereign Authority. The working citizens and legal residents of the United States are now reduced to the legal and moral status of livestock, to now be used at the whim of a clique of self-appointed superior beings, or to be destroyed as if they were a diseased animal should they refuse to obey the self-appointed masters.

All Senator Null and his supporters have to offer the citizens of the United States are chains and death. This is an offer that we as Sovereign Citizens and as Human Beings must refuse by any and all means necessary.

We are now on the brink of a Second American Civil War, but there is still an opportunity to advert the coming storm.

To this end we call upon Senator Null and those who unlawfully elevated him to publicly acknowledge the fact that they are in violation of the Constitution. We furthermore call upon Senator Null and his supporters to resign from public office, and call upon them to leave this nation and go into exile.

Should Senator Null and his supporters choose instead to enforce their whims by violence then we will have no alternative but to reply in kind. In doing so we shall grant them no quarter and show them no mercy.

By rational persuasion or by open force we the sovereign citizens of the American Republic will take back our nation and we will restore the rule of law under the United States Constitution.

Thank you, and God bless the Republic.

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